Why Wear Copper?: The Top Benefits of Copper Bracelets

Why Wear Copper?: The Top Benefits of Copper Bracelets

Why Wear Copper?: The Top Benefits of Copper Bracelets

Can a piece of jewelry improve your health? Why is it that ancient cultures around the world coveted precious metals like copper?

If you're considering investing in copper bracelets, then you'll want to know all the perks. Keep reading to discover all the unique and mystical powers of copper jewelry.

Are Copper Bracelets the Fountain of Youth? 

We've yet to discover immortality, but many believe copper has incredible anti-aging properties. It's suggested that copper wear slows the aging process by:

  • Preventing hair loss    
  • Fighting wrinkles
  • Reducing joint inflammation common with age
  • Healing and improving existing scar tissue on     the body

How does it work?

While wearing a pure copper bracelet, your skin is in direct contact with copper. Your skin's oils and acids will react with the metal, which results in absorption.

The copper immediately goes into your bloodstream. This reaction also results in the absorption of zinc and tin. These metals are all beneficial for your body.

Can Pure Copper Jewelry Improve Your Health?

Anti-aging isn't the only incredible property associated with copper jewelry. When your body absorbs copper, a host of benefits follow. Here are a few ways that copper improves your health:   

  • Anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain and     arthritis    
  • Anti-oxidants boost your immune system 
  • Prevents copper deficiency    
  • Improves circulation

Keep in mind that the jewelry must be pure copper to enjoy the benefits. A mixed metal won't be as effective.

Some jewelry makers coat copper with other materials. Coating copper negates the benefits. So, always verify that your bracelet's copper is pure and not coated.

Be a Part of History

Some of the earliest civilizations, dating back to 5000 BCE, used copper in jewelry. Throughout the ages, our ancestors created the following out of copper:

  • Sculptures
  • Weapons
  • Surgical instruments
  • Musical instruments
  • Currency

Today, the benefits of copper have resulted in all kinds of products. Copper-based hair and skin products are gaining popularity. There are also tons of types of bracelets and other jewelry to choose from.

What is shocking is that almost all copper gets recycled. The majority of copper in circulation today got mined in the ancient past.

What does that mean for you and your bracelet? When maintained, a copper bracelet can last a lifetime or longer. The metal is very durable and easy to clean.

Are You Suffering from Copper Deficiency?

Do you know someone who suffers from a copper deficiency? Copper is an essential nutrient that our bodies need to survive. Copper supplements are often prescribed, but this method can lead to an overdose.

Copper toxicity can occur with supplements, so bracelets are a perfect alternative. Toxicity isn't possible through absorption. Ask your doctor about making the switch.

Copper Bracelet Benefits: The Verdict

Copper bracelets are powerful. For thousands of years, humans have harnessed the health benefits of the metal. Are you ready to go out and buy your own piece of history?

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