Silver Heart Bead Thin Rounded Bracelet. Little Heart

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Silver Heart Bead Thin Rounded Bracelet. Little Heart

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It seems like there is always so much competition out there for your accessories.  

Why not make it easier on yourself with this thin bracelet to lead the way to truly delicate fashion?  This uses a beautiful silver heart-shaped bead that will just centred on the tightly wound handmade cord base.  

Offering that delicate style without being delicate itself — this is meant to last a lifetime — you’ll find this rope and bead bracelet is going to be exactly what you want for depth, shape and a little touch of feminine flair.

  • Eco-friendly, vegan bracelet for modern shoppers
  • Choose from multiple sizing for the right fit
  • Comes in stunning colours

Sizes: Women M: 16 cm (6.3 inches) the most common, Women L: 18.5 cm ( 7.3 inches)
If you need a different size please just contact us, we can make any size.

The bracelet is ready for gift.