Thin Vegan Cord Brass Bracelet. Energy & Protection

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Thin Vegan Cord Brass Bracelet. Energy & Protection

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Whether this handmade bracelet catches your attention due to its tight knots that are done by hand, or the centring of brass beads, it’s nothing short of stunning.

Harness brass’ natural healing powers by pairing this with your yoga session or meditation practice and enjoy the true peace that it can offer you.

Infusing you with real energy and a true sense of purpose that can be healing and refreshing when paired with other metals and accessories, this is strong bracelet you need to empower an equally strong woman.

  • Eco-friendly, vegan bracelet for modern shoppers
  • Choose from multiple sizing for the right fit
  • Comes in stunning colours

Sizes: Women M: 16 cm (6.3 inches) the most common, Women L: 18.5 cm ( 7.3 inches)
If you need a different size please just contact us, we can make any size.

The bracelet is ready for gift.