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How to Find Sustainable Jewellery: 5 Things to Look Out For

5 Signs of Sustainable Jewellery

Want to find cruelty-free jewellery? Here's how. 

1. Sustainable Materials

Look for brands that use recycled materials rather than precious metals that are pulled from the earth just for you.

Some jewellery brands take old pieces and reform them into new pieces. Some even make jewellery from discarded metal items like forks and spoons. 

This can mean reforming a piece of metal into something new or completely melting it down before turning it into a bracelet, necklace or ring. 

2. Vegan

Make sure your jewellery is vegan by steering clear of any pieces that have leather straps or features. 

You should also refuse to buy any types of pearls. Genuine pearls are harvested from oysters that are subsequently killed. Mother of pearl should also be avoided, as it's taken from the inner linings of oysters and other mollusks.

However, imitation pearls are also problematic. This is because they're often made with materials taken from coral reefs, which are severely damaged around the world

3. Transparent Working Conditions

The best jewellery brands will be open, honest and forthcoming about how their products are made. That includes how their materials are sourced.

The fashion industry has a dark side, and jewellery production isn't free from it. Many companies use forced labour, underage workers and inhumane working conditions. 

Choose fair-trade jewellery to be sure that the people involved in the production of your pieces are compensated fairly for their work. 

4. Synthetic or Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

It's no secret that the diamond industry is wrought with ethical problems. 

However, this doesn't mean that you have to avoid these precious stones altogether. 

When you're shopping around, ask jewellers to explain where their diamonds come from. Choose those who specialise in conflict-free diamonds, and you can find out exactly where they come from and under what conditions they're mined. 

If you prefer, you can always bypass this process by opting for synthetic diamonds or choose other gemstones that are produced in ethical ways. 

5. Environmentally-Friendly Production

Jewellery production has a huge impact on the environment

Smelting, which is the process of removing impurities from metals, produces tonnes of carbon dioxide. Mining produces several waste products, too.

Choose brands that advertise environmentally-friendly production processes, and ask lots of questions. Ethical jewellers will be happy to explain them to you. 

Shop Now

Now that you know how to find jewellery you can feel good about, the next step is to start shopping around!

At Harbour Jewellery, we specialise in ethical fashion. Every piece is handmade with love, just for you. Browse our range of sustainable jewellery for women, men and couples. 

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