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Eye-Catching Artisanal Handmade Rope Bracelets for Women

Add the warmth and charm of handcrafted rope bracelets to your everyday look. Harbour UK's collection of striking bracelets brings texture, tone and style to any outfit.

Our women's rope bracelets are lovingly handcrafted from sustainable fibres by skilled artisans in our London workshop. Choose from braided, knotted and woven silhouettes in a colour palette to complement any style.


Stylish Rope Bracelets

Find your new go-to accessory in our collection of women's rope bracelets. Our unique styles offer understated elegance with single or double-row braids. Woven from robust fibres in natural or vibrant hues, they pair perfectly with everything from sleeveless sundresses to extravagant silk blouses.

  • Attractive designs to suit your style

  • Precise attention to detail

  • Sustainable materials responsibly sourced

  • Handmade to last for many years

Unique Handmade Bracelets Crafted to Last

If you appreciate the finer details and materials usually found in higher-end accessories, you'll love our women's rope bracelets. Handcrafted to last, our rope bracelets are made to be enjoyed for years. And every order supports local and global producers through our sustainable material sourcing.

Rope Bracelets for Women

  • Skull-themed silver accent rope bracelet

  • Minimal silver friendship bracelet

  • Gold rope bracelets for women

  • Women's rope bracelet with silver Buddha

  • Rope and silver bead bracelet for friendship

  • Silver heart rounded rope bracelet

  • Red positive energy yogi bracelet

  • Thin rope bracelet with evil eye bead

  • Onyx and silver rope bracelet

  • Black and silver Viking rope bracelet

  • Morse code bead and rope bracelet

  • Personalized initial silver monogram bracelet

Browse Our Rope Bracelets for Women

Wherever your adventures take you, you'll find your perfect accessory match at Harbour UK. We hope our handcrafted bracelets bring you joy and that wearing them empowers you to live fully with care for people and the planet. There's beauty in simplicity and personality in understated grace.