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What Does Red Rope Bracelet Mean?

Updated: May 5

In recent years, many people have been wearing red rope bracelets in a symbol of their stories. Red is most often used as the colour that indicates AIDS awareness, while it may also represent crises such as fires and floods. Some red rope bracelets are simply a personal statement, symbolizing somebody's favourite sport or brand. But on the other side - What does red rope bracelet mean?

The red rope bracelet is a symbol of strength and power. It has been worn by many cultures throughout history, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the red rope bracelet could protect one from evil spirits. Ancient and modern Chinese doctors believed the red cord bracelet could heal one's disease Today, some people believe that the red cord bracelet wards off negative energy, such as stress or bad luck.  

The Meaning Of Red Colour

All the colours have a meaning, red colour is an excited colour and is often used in danger (Stop, fire).This colour indicates excitement and energy. It has a high Vibrational frequency and influences the lungs which increase the breathing capacity. It gives warmth and is physically active. It gives good mental activity, strengthens the nervous system, physical vitality, potential for action and change.Specifically red colour is dominated by electricity, fire and heat. red means intense lust, passion, anger, and war. For example: Excited about something or stressed out? Drink orange juice the colour of red sustains your fire.

Wearing Your Red Bracelet to Mean Luck

Connecting with your red bracelet meaning and strengthening your relationship to it can help improve the narrative of your style.Have you ever seen someone wearing a red bracelet and wondered what it meant? In some cultures, red is considered to be a lucky colour. Wearing a red bracelet is thought to bring the wearer good luck.If you're looking for a way to add a little extra luck to your life, why not try wearing a red bracelet? It's an easy way to accessorise, and who knows, it might just bring you the good luck you've been hoping for.

​What makes Harbour UK red string bracelets different?

These red cord bracelets are marvellously hand made. Not only are they adjustable, but they're also waterproof. This means they can be worn, even when on the beach. In addition to this, these knot bracelets have a special red cord that's should not absorb water or damp. You can wear them in rainy conditions and you won't see any trace of moisture after the sun comes back out.Why should I buy a Red string bracelet for men or women?. These bangles are excellent for those who prefer to live stress free lives. If you cope well with challenges, good luck charms might not prove to be that useful for you. In that case, a string bracelet might ease your way into a better life and fortune brings.These bracelets have a positive energy, is made from scratch buy a handmaker and it adds that "unique touch" that is not made by machines.

Check out our handmade braceletsand choose the one that best represents your spiritual journey.To

find more about colours and meanings have a look in this post here.

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